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100 _aRodríguez Antolín, Alfredo
100 _aRomero Otero, Javier
245 0 0 _aLinguistic and psychometric validation of the Erection Hardness Score to spanish
260 _bThe Journal of Sexual Medicine,
300 _a8(2):470-474.
500 _aFormato Vancouver: García Cruz E, Romero Otero J, Martínez Salamanca JI, Leibar Tamayo A, Rodríguez Antolín A, Astobieta Odriozola A, et al. Linguistic and psychometric validation of the Erection Hardness Score to Spanish. J Sex Med. 2011;8(2):470-4.
501 _aPMID: 21091886
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520 _aThe Erection Hardness Score (EHS) is a one-item questionnaire that assesses rigidity on a 4-point scale. AIM: To perform a validation of a Spanish version of the EHS by comparison with the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF) questionnaire. METHODS: Validation of the EHS included: (i) professional translation of the scale; (ii) scientific evaluation of the translation from four independent urologists; (iii) assessment on five individuals to test correct comprehension and idiomatic adequacy (iv) validation of the EHS by a cross-sectional, multicenter comparison with the IIEF. MAIN OUTCOME METHODS: Patients were required to respond to a Spanish version of the EHS and IIEF. Statistic correlation was carried out between the EHS score and IIEF-erectile function domain (EF) score. RESULTS: A total of 125 patients were recruited. Overall prevalence of erectile dysfunction (ED) by the EHS questionnaire was of 80.2% patients (n=97). Mean EHS was 2.74±0.97. Mean IIEF-EF score was 17.4±9.5. The EHS showed good reliability. The rate of missing responses to the EHS questionnaire was 0%. A one-factor analysis of variance was performed between the EHS and EF subdomain of IIEF (P=0.000). Pearson's correlation coefficient between EHS and EF subdomain of IIEF was 0.834, P<0.01. CONCLUSIONS: The EHS is a reliable tool to test ED and its Spanish version was satisfactorily understood by patients and correlated with IIEF-EF.
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